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Chemical / Air Induction System

The MEGA-SWEET chemical / air induction system is used to create a vacuum that draws in either chemicals or air into the final contact chamber. The Mega SWEET (Submersible Wastewater Efficient Effluent Treatment) system requires little maintenance and is a reliable solution for new installations as well as retro fitting an existing system. 


  • Gas or liquid chemical feed systems available
  • Simple design
  • Eliminates potable water use for vacuum creation
  • Submersed dispersion through diffuser reduces off-gassing
  • Safe operation – vacuum feed
  • Less maintenance
  • Lower operation and capital cost
  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Easy to retrofit, prop-style flash mixers with a trade-in or exchange



  • Lasts longer
  • Lower initial capital cost
  • More user friendly to operate
  • Does not create off gassing of propeller styles
  • SWEET package is water cooled and/or requires less frequent lubrication

The Mega SWEET was created in order to provide our customers a solution for the frequent induction pump failures and high costs associated with maintaining propeller-type systems.


Common Problems with propeller-type systems:

  • Mechanical problems and excessive chemical dispersion, are common issues found with Flash Mixers and propeller Induction Pumps.
  • Trash becoming entangled in the propeller, resulting in expensive seal and bearing failures.
  • Often, in wastewater treatment plants with propeller-type systems, de-chlor chemicals are dispersed too far back into the chlorine contact chamber, which neutralizes the chlorine and contact time prematurely.
  • Monthly lubrication is required for propeller type designs.