Gas Leak Detector

Model #GLD-30

Gas Leak Detectors are used to continuously sense the atmosphere for the presence of potentially dangerous gasses and to alert operators and plant personnel in the event of a leak.   Aqua Disinfection Systems provides the model GLD-30 gas leak detector, which accommodates up to four separate sensors and is equipped with both audible and visual alarm indication.  

Available Gas Sensors: 

• Chlorine (CL2):  0-10 PPM
• Sulfur Dioxide (SO2):  0-20 PPM
• Ammonia (NH3):  0-100 PPM
• Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2):  0-10 PPM
• Ozone (O3):  0-10 PPM
• Hydrogen (H2):  0-200 PPM
• Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S):  0-100 PPM
• Nitric Oxide (NO):  0-100 PPM
• Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2):  0-100 PPM
• Oxygen (02):  0-25%
• Hydrogen Chloride (HCI):  0-10 PPM

• Integral 90 decibel horn
• 4-line, 80 character backlit LCD
• 5-button, tactile dome user interface
• Optional Battery Backup

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